Our company was founded in 1915 by Pelayo Beltrán González professional hairdresser, as an individual company with the name of INTEA P. Beltrán. In 1979, his son and successor, pharmacist José Ignacio Beltrán Villar, founded the company name Duarte y Beltrán S. A., which owns the INTEA® brands and patents.

A century after its creation, INTEA® is still a family business currently run by the third generation of the Beltrán family, three of whom are pharmacists. The founding philosophy of the company is the creation and development of cosmetic products made with quality natural components.

In INTEA® cosmetics you will find original formulas with their own personality developed by pharmacists and made using their own methods to preserve the cosmetic properties of their natural components intact. The original recipes are passed on from parents to children, are improved by adapting them to technical progress and are produced under strict quality control. New INTEA® products with natural ingredients are introduced to the market every year after a laborious process of research and development.

The loyalty of our customers in more than 15 countries is the basis of INTEA®'s long history and its future. We are pioneers in communication and advertising. Communication with our consumers is very important, as it gives us the opportunity to make our products better known, enriches our knowledge and helps us to improve.

We have been collaborating with AMPROS for a long time. It is an association whose mission is to contribute to improving the quality of life of each person with an intellectual or developmental disability and their family, as well as to disseminate, defend, claim and promote rights and support, creating opportunities that allow them to achieve their life projects and full citizenship, based on principles of efficiency in management, innovation and ethical commitment.

Ask for information for any doubt you may have or send us your suggestions. They will always be welcome.

J. Ignacio Beltrán.